Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For Sale

I went and had a sticky beak around this place in the and a few hundred others. Marketed as 'in almost original condition' it really is a cracker.

It's down the other end of Herne Bay from our home and has been in the same family since they built it in the early 1960's. It is sadly being sold as a deceased estate by auction this weekend, but what an opportunity for another family to embrace the original design.

Herne Bay is mainly made up of villas and a few flash pads! Saratoga Avenue is a small cul de sac behind the Bayfield Primary School. All the houses here were built when the Salvation Army sold off a piece of land in the late 1950's, hence the street has a totally different style of home to the rest of the Bay.

Look at this fabulous panelling in the entrance:

There are 5 bedrooms in total - 3 downstairs and 2 upstairs - and all but one have built in storage.

These curtains appear to be an 80's addition.

The master bedroom, at the front of the house, is north facing and the light is wonderful. There are glimpses out over the harbour to the Chelsea Sugar Refinery, which is a huge pink building so obviously fabulous.

The front entrance to the home is framed by a sculptured portico in exposed aggregate concrete which rises to the second floor to form a fireplace in the living room. I would have to say, this one piece is my absolute favourite part of the house. It is solid and magnificent.

The living room has a dining area at the far end, which in turn leads through to the kitchen, and what a 'retro' treat that is.

Largely untouched (obviously...), the kitchen is a lot more functional and pleasant than I expected. It overlooks the back garden which is accessed through a door to the fore of the photo below, and has a large laundry to the other side of that door.

The kitchen and back garden are obviously south facing, but open enough to the west to allow good afternoon sun. Kids can sneak through the back fence and be in the grounds of the Bayfield school if more space is required.

The marketing materials state the house is 231sqm but it doesn't feel like a large home. It does however have a lovely warm, loved feeling. A solid family home and how nice is that?

All images via the selling agent, Ray White.


  1. What an awesome house. Looks like a stainless steel benchtop in the kitchen? So many fabulous mid century modern elements - like the timber stairs - it's very funky. I hope somebody buys it who will love it for what it is and not modernise it.

    The current furniture doesn't do this wonderful house justice!

  2. I thought exactly the same Virginia - the place was crawling with people talking about extending and moving walls but I loved it as it is. The floorplan isn't what you would build today but I think it's perfect for this house.

    You're right about that benchtop - it's quite lovely...ditto about the furniture. Bordering on spooky!

  3. This post was fantastic and the entire features are amazing. I love the kitchen, it was neat and clean. Big thanks and I am looking forward on your next post.

    Charles A