Friday, August 5, 2011

Corinthia Hotel London

"The Corinthia Hotel London. A Meeting of Perfection in the Coolest City on Earth." Oh, yes!

I just 'discovered' this hotel this morning, in the back page of the September 2011 Homes and Gardens UK, and started posting IMMEDIATELY. I think this place is just breathtaking.

Corinthia Hotel London is the "ninth member of the Corinthia family" which started in Malta in the 1960's. As Alfred Pisani, Corinthia's Founder and Chairman states in his message on the hotel's website,

"I am dedicating myself, personally and with great passion, to delivering to London a five-star, luxury hotel, which will be amongst the best-of-the-best in the world. The Corinthia Hotel London will be a true grand hotel for the 21st century".

Have a look at the guest rooms...

Whilst not my favourite room, I love the window in the suite below.

It brings back memories to me...when I first moved to London with my family in the '80's (yep, way back then...I was young, okay...), we spent our first week in a London hotel with a window that opened up like this to a central courtyard, and I was mesmerised by the stature and beauty of it. So different to what I was used to in New Zealand.

Now, I have to say that our hotel was not nearly as smart at this one, but it was still smarter than we had booked, but due to some problem, we ended up having to stay in a 'nicer' hotel than the one my parents had booked. I loved it - it was on Oxford Street and I thought it was so grand. Years later my dad told me he spent our whole stay there lying in bed at night with his eyes open, wondering how he was going to pay for it! My poor lovely dad.

The Corinthia has a two restaurants - The Northall and Massimo Oyster Bar. Imagine sitting in here...

Or just for afternoon tea? It's Friday afternoon and that Champagne is looking mighty fine!

There's even an ESPA spa within the hotel...

Ahhhh, wouldn't it be fabulous? Happy weekend people x.

All images via Corinthia Hotels.

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  1. What an absolutely amazing place! Wouldn't you love to stay there for a week or two, very modern and sophisticated yet very classic at the same time! Hope you're having a great weekend, Nicolex