Friday, August 26, 2011

Before and After - Back Garden

On Wednesday morning, this was the view from our top deck, which is accessed from the master bedroom:

We knew there was a view hiding behind those palms, and here it is:

And once more, with sun please...

I know cutting down trees is not popular with everyone, but these palms had simply grown too big, and over the last few months had been madly dropping fronds on the cubby house. We are keeping all the nice ones, like these lovelies:

We had a further 3 taken from the back of the garden and a large Macrocarpa felled which again had become too unruly.

We are lucky to have a 'glimpse' of the harbour bridge, and although the Macropcarpa didn't hinder the view, the light that is now flooding through in the mornings is wonderful.

Our back garden faces due north, and with the sun out today, I cannot believe the amount of sun spilling across the lawn. Here's a before shot - okay there WAS no sun to spill that day...

...and after...

The messy hedge in front of the cubby is home to Poppy, The Garden Fairy, apparently, and was required to stay. I am sure Poppy would love to upgrade to the Magnolia in the front garden and, I have told the girls, is going to an open tree home this weekend to inspect. She's bound to love it.

The main deck comes off the kitchen/living/dining rooms via BiFolds. Sounds flash, but I think these were the first BiFolds ever invented - no need to go to the gym when you've manoeuvred those things a few times!

Here's a look across the water from there before...

...and after.

Okay so that stray palm in the neighbouring property is out of my reach but we do now look over to the Chelsea Sugar Refinery, which is actually a lot prettier than it appears here! The lights of the North Shore are beautiful in the evening too.

So, whilst it is looking rather naked out there, I see it as a blank canvas. A lovely sunny blank canvas.

Happy weekend x.

All images my own.

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