Friday, August 12, 2011

An Act Of Kindness

It's a bit of a paperwork, catch up day today, and I'm sitting at the laptop watching this magnolia open.

It was still in bud this morning. Isn't it amazing how quickly magnolia bloom? I'm not going to mention the brevity of it while this little one is still unfurling!

Which brings me to an act of kindness which has made my day. I have had a few things go 'awry' this week, and I wanted to send a small thank you gift to a client who has been very patient and considerate. I knew I was pushing my luck, but I called the nearest Vintage Cellars store to my client's shop, to see if it was at all possible to have something delivered to please?

Vintage Cellars do offer a delivery service, but it takes days to deliver, not hours. A lovely girl called Rachel took my call and quite quickly said "I'm going past that way on my way home. I'll drop it in for you myself".

Rachel doesn't know me, and as I am calling from NZ, has nothing to gain by doing this for me. I will be sending a card to say thank you, but her kindness has made my day. It has put all the 'issues' in perspective - the world won't stop spinning and it will work out!

So out of apology and problems comes something so kind. Thank you Rachel.

Happy Weekend to you all x.

Images my own.

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