Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Last Few Days...

...have been a blur. School show, drinks with lots of grey suits, a 40th birthday party where I thought I had been very well behaved, until my head and I had to go to this the next morning:

Yes...ROAR...Walking With Dinosaurs. It was fantastic but it did make my head feel like this:

I felt a squillion times better after one of these:

although would have preferred this:

I feel very tired and have been drinking A LOT of this...

but dream of this...

Ahhhh....oh, and on Monday night we had netball. My 8 year old started netball this year. Not a game I ever played/liked/enjoyed/was any good at. She seems very keen despite my disparaging comments and weather warnings. Her game on Monday night was at 6pm (hid-e-ous) and it was FREEZING. I was possibly not as cold as everyone else however, as I was asked to do 'court duty' and was furnished with an orange fluoro jacket, something like this...

...except that mine was fleece lined. Mmmm-mmmm!

As far as I could tell, I was tasked with scouting out stiletto heels (bad) and hand out hot chip infringements. It was so cold, the stilettos weren't really an option for anyone sane and how can you tell half frozen children to remove their hot chips. I don't think I was a very good duty person thank goodness. All I can say is that I was 'retired' early!

So, a busy few days and now I can concentrate on fabrics and sofas and things I understand. Except for how to get my wretched blog header to stretch across the whole width of my blog. I did something the other day that 'disturbed' my current settings and now I have a lopsided header. I have re-sized in Picasa and, according to the experts, it should be right, but it hangs to the left. Anybody got a simple solution?

Keep warm and stay away from cocktails you haven't made yourself. Annie x

Image 1 via Anglofilmia; 2 via Kalafudra; 3 via Brigittes; 4 via Thomas Larock; 5 via Rate My Rosetta; 6 via Pulsd; 7 via My Safety Gear;


  1. Annie I chuckled all the way through this delicious a way that only a mother about juggling lots of hats....definitely liked the idea of the champers although I live on lattes!

    Not sure about the weird blog header thing - but the images within my posts sometimes do that too, when they seem to insert a little return spacer all by themselves. Nothing for it but to remove them and add them back again - then they are good as gold.

  2. Thanks Virginia - I know what you mean about that return spacer thing. It has made me very cross in the past!!! I will try and remove and repost the the morning...after more coffee! Thank you x.

  3. Hello Annie:
    Gosh what a whirl your life has been over the past few days! No wonder that you feel that you are acting out a scene from Jurassic Park, just the thought of Netball would have us both running [well, walking quickly possibly] for the hills.

    What very sensible advice you give about cocktails, but with Hungarian champagne at under £3 per bottle, that is our staple drink!

    We are so pleased to have found you via the delicious Blue Fruit and look forward to many happy returns!!

  4. Thanks for your help Virginia. I removed then reloaded. Can't get the wretched thing to fill the whole space but at least have it centred. Did I ever mention I used to work as an analyst in banking, often on IT projects. Global Financial Crisis anyone?! I have a clue...

    Also to Jane and Lance - welcome and thank you for your lovely comments. I remember Hungarian wine from the Cullens on Baker St when we first landed in London. I remember it being cheap and very good...I'm a Kiwi so it's ingrained to love a bargain! Annie x.