Friday, July 22, 2011

Just Because...

...I just saw this pop up on the Kate Spade tumblr site with the line 'we can't get enough of a good cup of coffee'. So perfect for a Friday morning. Happy Friday x.

Image from Kate Spade (via The Glitter Guide).


  1. aaand a coffeeholic is reading this right now :)) its midnight and something but I'm still enjoying my well deserved night cup of coffee while reading blogs :) cheers

    - Urska @

  2. OOOh, that expression says it all for a coffee addict like myself.

    Reminds me, haven't had my second latte yet this morning...just excuse me while I dash off to make put the idea in my head Annie!

    ps - lurve the image! Glamourpuss plus!

  3. Thanks both - so nice knowing the bonding powers of a good coffee! I had a builder knock at the door just as I was sitting down to my second latte. I don't think I was very polite!

  4. It's just the right way to start the day. And get through the day. And end the day.
    Happy weekend!
    M & E