Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Bought These Last Night...

Yes, not too sure why or where or for whom even...but I like them and I have to admit I had to beat that other person who was 'autobidding'. I swear, I could never buy a house at auction...all reason would go out the window!

Thought these would be lovely painted, possibly high gloss, and am now on the search for the right fabric. Off to the Quadrille Editorial page for me...

Meg Braff 

Lindsey Ellis Beatty

Pink frame?

Eddie Ross


White, most likely...

This design could be fun...

Jennifer Connell

...although I have 5 yards of Alan Campbell's Wavelength that I haven't sent off to be turned into cushions yet...

Could work...better collect the chairs first!

Images of chairs, vendor's own. All others via Quadrille Editorial.


  1. They are fabulous - great lines and great condition - so I understand why you bought them. And you could go so many ways with the upholstery!

    Thanks for your comment about Virginia Kerridge - I have long loved Huka Lodge but I had no idea she designed it.

    Virginia x

  2. Hello:
    The chairs are lovely, not least for their relative simplicity and plain design which, for us, is very much part of their attraction.

    We think that it would be rather a pity to paint them; instead we should do no more than have them professionally reupholstered in a dramatic fabric. But we all have different ideas - which is good!

  3. Nice buy :) I think those would look great in both ways - painted or left in the original way... The decision of the right fabric seems to be pretty hard.. so many to choose from! I would probably choose a zigzag or zebra pattern & paint the chairs in a glossy creamy white. Xo

    - Urska @