Monday, July 11, 2011

Hotel Bel-Air

The Hotel Bel-Air has been closed for 2 years for renovation and is due to open in October 2011.

Aren't those windows just fab-u-lous?!

I am very pleased to see that Quadrille Fabrics is a part of the redesign. Quadrille's Home Couture range features in some of the suites.

Home Couture's Gypsy Dance linen has been chosen for the suites' beautiful curtains. I don't get as many enquiries about HC as I do China Seas, Alan Campbell or Quadrille Prints, but it's a very pretty range of more traditional, sophisticated prints.

Gypsy Dance also featured on these chairs in Elle Decor:

The hotel's rooms have been redesigned by Alexandra Champalimaud and were 'inspired by 1930's, 1940's and 1950's Hollywood, a period of Southern Californian residential architecture and design that produced an all American style evoking glamour and graceful living with international flair.' Indeed!

There's an interesting piece on the hotel's history on the Bel-Air website, here....if you're interested!

I am sure there's some more Quadrille Fabrics going into the hotel, so I'll be on the lookout between now and October. Oh, and I thought I'd mention...the hotel is currently taking advance bookings. Just in case...

Images 1 & 2 via Bel-Air website; 3 via Quadrille Fabrics Editorial Portfolio.


  1. Hello Annie:
    A modern twist on an old idea. Very stylish.

  2. The hotel looks the draperies - the quadrille fabric is stunning!! Adore the zebra in the last image ~

  3. Goodness it was shut a long time but definalty worth the wait it looks stunning & yes those windows are fabulous. its very elegant