Thursday, July 7, 2011

Covet Garden

Issue 12 is out now, here, and look at this lovely cover:

Online magazines make my lunch times something to look forward to...I say 'lunch times'...'sarnie in front of the laptop' may be more akin to the truth! Happy reading. Annie x.

Image via Covet Garden site.


  1. Hello Annie:
    We never cease to be amazed at the truly creative minds of those responsible for putting together magazines, on line or otherwise, such as this. There is so much which is truly inspirational, and which may be applied across huge areas, to be found at the click of a 'mouse'.

    Thank you so much for becoming a Follower of our blog.

  2. LOVE your blog, so thank you. I agree - I think the quality of these magazines is amazing and I am amazed by the standard of subject they get to cover. It is inspirational isn't it? I really admire these people and feel very lucky being on the receiving end of their creativeness!