Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zig Zag

One of my faves...Alan Campbell's Zig Zag...and you have a choice - Zig Zig or Petite Zig Zag, wallpaper, fabric.

Aerin Lauder's son's bedroom has the walls zigzagged...

Designer Miguel Elias has enveloped this gazebo in vibrant yellow from top to bottom...

But it needn't be so imposing - maybe an accent via some chairs...

Christina Murphy

...or just a simple blind...

...or a cushion...

Christina Murphy

Then there's Zig Zag's little brother, Petite Zig Zag. On chairs...

...or just some cushions...

Oomph Online

You can go all out in wallpaper...

...or just a simple but striking ottoman:

It's a busy little pattern, but still works beautifully when used to extreme on walls and furnishings together. The perfect blue keeps it sophisticated, not cloying:

Leta Austin Foster

And it's still the perfect punch as a feature on this side table:

It's a versatile, timeless, happy little design. Makes me smile. Annie x.

All images via Quadrille website, except 7 via Oomph.


  1. Smile, yes, that's a good description. It is a very HAPPY design. Especially love it in the wallpaper version.

  2. amazing collection.
    i love that ini-mini table the most.
    or maybe it's not even so mini as i imagine it, but it adorable.