Monday, June 27, 2011

Trying to be a Domestic Goddess

Happy Monday - the sun is shining and my baking tins are full. The snow has started falling on the ski fields, which is a good thing, although it means we have a very 'brrrrr' winter chill in the air.

Perfect however for baking and a baking spree it was yesterday. As if the sugar rush of chocolate chippie cookies and chocolate afghans wasn't enough, we made that Kiwi classic, Lolly Cake. Dr Atkins fans, please turn away now...

I couldn't possibly share with you what goes into that cake, for fear of being frowned upon by Government Regulators...needless to say, the sweets that go into it aren't the worst perpetrators!

Something healthy did get made in my kitchen however. My favourite 'go to' salad from Yotam Ottolenghi, Roasted Sweet Potato with Pecan and Maple, that I took to a supper we went to on Saturday night. This is not my photo as I had the husband huffing about me hurrying up, but honestly, as wont as I am to stray from recipes, this one turns out looking great every time. Voila:

On the subject of food, coffee is an essential breakfast staple for the big people in the Loveridge house. It's Pete's morning ritual to make the coffee, however he's been ousted by the 8 year old who insists on making mum and dad's coffee each morning. She has this very odd trick of stirring the 'crema', as she correctly refers to it, with the milk to make a 'cremallow'. Different, and dad can't quite stand to be in the kitchen when this is being done, but look at the end result:

You've got to laugh...8 year olds discussing crema and milk temperatures.

Ooooh, but we can all be brought back down to earth with a slice of the Lolly Cake!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and Monday is good to you. Annie x.

All images my own except image 3 via Ottolenghi.


  1. oh yummy this all look scrumscious. Ive never seen a cake like the kiwi classic lolly cake it looks heavenly

  2. Thanks Sarah - yep, it's something alright! If you ever doubted the effects of sugar, feed this one to the kids, sit back and watch! I'm not a huge sweet tooth, but somehow, this sickly concoction is really good. Annie x.