Friday, June 24, 2011

My Glamourous Life

This is what met me in the kitchen this morning:

Yes, it is a horse, and it is chocolate. Not just that, it's not for me, it's for the girls. They can have the wretched horse, I'm having the podium for lunch.

Pete was out at the opening of an envelope a dinner last night and was given the chocolate horse. Apparently, it was a fabulous meal, so much so that he gave me the menu this morning, should I want to see what I missed!

'...rusted sugar splinter...' - tee hee!

So, all was quiet last night as the husband was tucking into his 'crayfish cone' and I was sitting down to my 2 minute omelette...too quiet in fact. So I ventured to see what the girls were up to...

Ooooh, the poor dog...I'm thinking that's not a smile on his face!

So, life in the fast lane! I am now off to source leggings for the girls for their school show next week. I have left it to the absolute last minute as it requires a trip to my idea of hell on earth, the shopping mall.

I'm sure there is some glamour heading my way soon! Happy weekend x.

Images all my own.


  1. That photo is completely priceless. Was there ever a more humiliated, "look what I have to put up with" kind of expression on any dog? Love it!

    Sending you hopes of glamour to come, in balance for all this reality! Fingers crossed!

  2. There must be some glamour for you just around the corner :) Look on your pooch's face is hilarious! Nicolex