Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Dusty Discoveries

The dusting does the sanding, the scraping, waterblasting and priming. I should probably forget the dusting...

Amidst the dust however, I did discover another book I bought 12 years ago in Charleston, SC. Charlston was a 3 hour drive from our home in Greenville, SC and another world altogether...'nuff said...

Charleston is beautiful; if you even just 'like' architecture and design, this place is magical. Just walking along the back streets is so calm and majestic. You can just feel the history.

There are so many beautiful homes open to the public, but I can clearly recall the Nathaniel Russell House with it's incredible staircase. As Susan Sully, the author of Charleston Style puts it, 'arched like a swan's long neck, an undulating staircase forms the centrepiece of the Nathaniel Russell House'.

The cantilevered stairway rises three stories, connecting three tiers of identical layout. The home was described in 1857 as "beyond all comparison, the finest establishment in Charleston" by the South Carolina Historical Society.

Just imagine the beautiful dresses that graced that staircase in the past. Can't you just sense the history?

Image 1via Library Thing; 2 via Wikipedia; 3 via Travelpod; 4 via Charleston Family Fun;

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