Friday, June 17, 2011

Let It Snow

New Zealand's Queenstown Winter Festival kicks off its 2011 celebration of winter next Friday. It is okay to celebrate winter where there is skiing to be had!

My pick of spots in Queenstown (apres ski bien sur), would be here at the newly opened Wakatipu Grill, atop Queenstown's Lake Wakatipu in the Hilton Hotel. What a view! Queenstown is located in the Central Otago wine district and that means very good Pinot Noir. And here is the perfect spot to polish it off after your meal:

Ooooh, I wish!

I am planning pumpkin gnocchi this evening. I'm pretty sure that when it's this cold, all that butter sauce can't do any damage...right?

Perhaps a Central Otago Pinot would be a fitting accompaniment and we can pretend the air con is that fab fire pit!

Happy Weekend x.

Images via Hilton.


  1. Hey! So glad you stopped by! we had such a wonderful time at the blogger meet-up. Hope you can join us one day!!


  2. Love your blog beautiful images. Feels strange you preparing for winter as we are ready for summer, although its wet & raining in England right now :(

  3. How beautiful...we are entering Summer in the US, so it's fun to see what our friends are doing on the other side of the world!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~