Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fijian Light

I am back home from a truly lovely holiday. It was wonderful being with Pete and the girls, with little more to do than eat and swim. Fiji is a beautiful place and the people so kind and friendly.

One of my favourite things was watching the sunset possibly because it coincided with Happy Hour, along with the use of light in the resort. I thought I'd share some pics with you, minus the Mai Tai...

The girls were spoiled rotten by the lovely Activities Crew, disappearing each evening as the Warrior fire lighters!

I love these lights in the main restaurant, just hanging like droplets.

The photos don't do the lights justice I'm sorry - they were so pretty twinkling in the pools surrounding the restaurant.

Our last evening gave us this beautiful sunset:

It's always nice to be home, but I am jolly cold! Brrrrrr....Annie x.


  1. What a lovely break and I too love the 'droplet' lights .... very effective!

  2. Looks like a great holiday Annie and your girls are gorgeous!

  3. I imagine it would be a rather rude shock to come back to the cold weather! Your holiday looks like it was wonderful, I just love those droplet lights in the restaurant too! Nicolex

  4. What was the name of the restaurant? I'd love to contact them to ask where they got the droplet lights from.

    1. I can't remember the restaurant's name sorry but it's the main restaurant at the Fiji Hilton on Denarau Island, Nadi, Fiji. They are lovely aren't they?