Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am having some cushions and bolsters made up in the Quadrille Fabrics I represent, and, of course, I have swiped a few for home I thought I'd share with you!

China Seas Java Java in New Jungle on Tint (cushion) and China Seas Ziggurat in Black on Tint (bolster).

I've put two of the Java Java cushions in the window seat...

See that yellow light through the window...I'm remembering that that is sun! I swear, if we'd dug a big hole in the back garden a few weeks back, we could have that swimming pool we're hankering after!

I think the green is much calmer than the previous stripes and a change is good:

I had a bolster in the Ziggurat made up for the bed in the 'work in progress' guest bedroom and I'm kinda liking the Java Java in there too:

If you're wondering why all the images are in major close up mode, it's because there's usually a pile of furniture/books/stuff surrounding!  I blame the builders...

I have more fabrics arriving and am working on an online retail shop, so hopefully there'll be some fabric left over for that!

Until then, may the sun continue to shine...please x.

All images my own.


  1. gorgeous fabrics...love how they look in the ghost chair!!

  2. Annie...just gorgeous! I adore them all. And that shade of green...Oh be still my beating heart! I am loving green at the moment..and your right,..it does add a nice calming effect to that space rather than the stripes. Look forward to your little online shop opening...how exciting x

  3. They are gorgeous, love the ghost chair, this job can be a hazard cant it, I have some gorgeous pieces on order from Charlotte Macey Textiles for the online boutique that I think may stray into my house