Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Alternative Zig Zag

If you liked the look of Alan Campbell's Zig Zag that I featured here, you might also like China Seas' Aga and Aga Reverse, a more structured take on the zig zag.

It has enough impact to have seen it featured on several magazine covers...

...yet looks graceful when used as an accent...

...and grounds this bedroom beautifully on a blind.

Like most of the Quadrille Fabrics range, being hand prints, the designs can be printed to wallpaper...

...and onto a Sunbrella ground for indoor/outdoor use.

I'm always saying's not so much how beautiful the Quadrille fabrics are, and they are, but how they work together, and with other features, to enhance and elevate a space.

I get really excited when I see some new editorial using Quadrille and looking fabulous, and I've just spotted an absolute beauty! Tomorrow x.

All images via Quadrille website, except 9 via Habitually Chic.

1 comment:

  1. China Seas is wonderful Annie. I am a great lover of geometry in decor and sits just perfectly with me!


    PS I think you're right Pollyana :) those walks were obviously doing more than I gave them credit for!