Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Alternative Zig Zag

If you liked the look of Alan Campbell's Zig Zag that I featured here, you might also like China Seas' Aga and Aga Reverse, a more structured take on the zig zag.

It has enough impact to have seen it featured on several magazine covers...

...yet looks graceful when used as an accent...

...and grounds this bedroom beautifully on a blind.

Like most of the Quadrille Fabrics range, being hand prints, the designs can be printed to wallpaper...

...and onto a Sunbrella ground for indoor/outdoor use.

I'm always saying's not so much how beautiful the Quadrille fabrics are, and they are, but how they work together, and with other features, to enhance and elevate a space.

I get really excited when I see some new editorial using Quadrille and looking fabulous, and I've just spotted an absolute beauty! Tomorrow x.

All images via Quadrille website, except 9 via Habitually Chic.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

80's Flashback

Yes, from that sad place that is the treadmill at 6.30 in the morning, comes something beautiful. 

There is a circuit class going on at the same time that I plod the treadmill and today I found myself turning up the speed to run in time to - don't worry, I know how sad this is - a remix of A Ha's fabulous '80's hit, Take on Me.

What a flashback! The date is 1985 and I am 15, and this video is just 'so cool'. So too is Morten Harket, see exhibit 1 below:

Hey, come on now...we were the generation that didn't guess that George Michael might be gay even after he gave us 'Club Tropicana'!

If you're not in your extreme 30's, like myself, you may think I have totally lost the plot, but I swear, all those young things in that circuit class this morning were LOVING this song!

See, that foot of yours was tapping! Annie x.

Images and video via YouTube.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zig Zag

One of my faves...Alan Campbell's Zig Zag...and you have a choice - Zig Zig or Petite Zig Zag, wallpaper, fabric.

Aerin Lauder's son's bedroom has the walls zigzagged...

Designer Miguel Elias has enveloped this gazebo in vibrant yellow from top to bottom...

But it needn't be so imposing - maybe an accent via some chairs...

Christina Murphy

...or just a simple blind...

...or a cushion...

Christina Murphy

Then there's Zig Zag's little brother, Petite Zig Zag. On chairs...

...or just some cushions...

Oomph Online

You can go all out in wallpaper...

...or just a simple but striking ottoman:

It's a busy little pattern, but still works beautifully when used to extreme on walls and furnishings together. The perfect blue keeps it sophisticated, not cloying:

Leta Austin Foster

And it's still the perfect punch as a feature on this side table:

It's a versatile, timeless, happy little design. Makes me smile. Annie x.

All images via Quadrille website, except 7 via Oomph.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Trying to be a Domestic Goddess

Happy Monday - the sun is shining and my baking tins are full. The snow has started falling on the ski fields, which is a good thing, although it means we have a very 'brrrrr' winter chill in the air.

Perfect however for baking and a baking spree it was yesterday. As if the sugar rush of chocolate chippie cookies and chocolate afghans wasn't enough, we made that Kiwi classic, Lolly Cake. Dr Atkins fans, please turn away now...

I couldn't possibly share with you what goes into that cake, for fear of being frowned upon by Government Regulators...needless to say, the sweets that go into it aren't the worst perpetrators!

Something healthy did get made in my kitchen however. My favourite 'go to' salad from Yotam Ottolenghi, Roasted Sweet Potato with Pecan and Maple, that I took to a supper we went to on Saturday night. This is not my photo as I had the husband huffing about me hurrying up, but honestly, as wont as I am to stray from recipes, this one turns out looking great every time. Voila:

On the subject of food, coffee is an essential breakfast staple for the big people in the Loveridge house. It's Pete's morning ritual to make the coffee, however he's been ousted by the 8 year old who insists on making mum and dad's coffee each morning. She has this very odd trick of stirring the 'crema', as she correctly refers to it, with the milk to make a 'cremallow'. Different, and dad can't quite stand to be in the kitchen when this is being done, but look at the end result:

You've got to laugh...8 year olds discussing crema and milk temperatures.

Ooooh, but we can all be brought back down to earth with a slice of the Lolly Cake!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and Monday is good to you. Annie x.

All images my own except image 3 via Ottolenghi.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Glamourous Life

This is what met me in the kitchen this morning:

Yes, it is a horse, and it is chocolate. Not just that, it's not for me, it's for the girls. They can have the wretched horse, I'm having the podium for lunch.

Pete was out at the opening of an envelope a dinner last night and was given the chocolate horse. Apparently, it was a fabulous meal, so much so that he gave me the menu this morning, should I want to see what I missed!

'...rusted sugar splinter...' - tee hee!

So, all was quiet last night as the husband was tucking into his 'crayfish cone' and I was sitting down to my 2 minute omelette...too quiet in fact. So I ventured to see what the girls were up to...

Ooooh, the poor dog...I'm thinking that's not a smile on his face!

So, life in the fast lane! I am now off to source leggings for the girls for their school show next week. I have left it to the absolute last minute as it requires a trip to my idea of hell on earth, the shopping mall.

I'm sure there is some glamour heading my way soon! Happy weekend x.

Images all my own.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Dusty Discoveries

The dusting does the sanding, the scraping, waterblasting and priming. I should probably forget the dusting...

Amidst the dust however, I did discover another book I bought 12 years ago in Charleston, SC. Charlston was a 3 hour drive from our home in Greenville, SC and another world altogether...'nuff said...

Charleston is beautiful; if you even just 'like' architecture and design, this place is magical. Just walking along the back streets is so calm and majestic. You can just feel the history.

There are so many beautiful homes open to the public, but I can clearly recall the Nathaniel Russell House with it's incredible staircase. As Susan Sully, the author of Charleston Style puts it, 'arched like a swan's long neck, an undulating staircase forms the centrepiece of the Nathaniel Russell House'.

The cantilevered stairway rises three stories, connecting three tiers of identical layout. The home was described in 1857 as "beyond all comparison, the finest establishment in Charleston" by the South Carolina Historical Society.

Just imagine the beautiful dresses that graced that staircase in the past. Can't you just sense the history?

Image 1via Library Thing; 2 via Wikipedia; 3 via Travelpod; 4 via Charleston Family Fun;

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am having some cushions and bolsters made up in the Quadrille Fabrics I represent, and, of course, I have swiped a few for home I thought I'd share with you!

China Seas Java Java in New Jungle on Tint (cushion) and China Seas Ziggurat in Black on Tint (bolster).

I've put two of the Java Java cushions in the window seat...

See that yellow light through the window...I'm remembering that that is sun! I swear, if we'd dug a big hole in the back garden a few weeks back, we could have that swimming pool we're hankering after!

I think the green is much calmer than the previous stripes and a change is good:

I had a bolster in the Ziggurat made up for the bed in the 'work in progress' guest bedroom and I'm kinda liking the Java Java in there too:

If you're wondering why all the images are in major close up mode, it's because there's usually a pile of furniture/books/stuff surrounding!  I blame the builders...

I have more fabrics arriving and am working on an online retail shop, so hopefully there'll be some fabric left over for that!

Until then, may the sun continue to shine...please x.

All images my own.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Dusty Discovery

I spent the weekend trying to get some semblance of order into our home after the interior being painted while we were away. Paintings stacked against walls, piles of books and a dining table straining under....stuff!

In dusting down some of those piles of books, I came across New American Style, a book I bought when I was living in Greenville, South Carolina. There was a Barnes and Noble down Haywood that was kind enough to provide comfortable chairs and coffee and I recall spending a lot of time there. I must have actually bought something!

I have had this book for 12 years now and it struck me how much I still love the room on the cover. It is in a Miami Beach apartment, designed by Juan Montoya. To be honest, there's not a lot in this book I really love and I'm sure I bought it just for that apartment alone!

All these years later, and I love this pic as much as ever. That feels pretty good!

Image via mode...information.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let It Snow

New Zealand's Queenstown Winter Festival kicks off its 2011 celebration of winter next Friday. It is okay to celebrate winter where there is skiing to be had!

My pick of spots in Queenstown (apres ski bien sur), would be here at the newly opened Wakatipu Grill, atop Queenstown's Lake Wakatipu in the Hilton Hotel. What a view! Queenstown is located in the Central Otago wine district and that means very good Pinot Noir. And here is the perfect spot to polish it off after your meal:

Ooooh, I wish!

I am planning pumpkin gnocchi this evening. I'm pretty sure that when it's this cold, all that butter sauce can't do any damage...right?

Perhaps a Central Otago Pinot would be a fitting accompaniment and we can pretend the air con is that fab fire pit!

Happy Weekend x.

Images via Hilton.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


How I could just stare at this lovely room for hours! Sorry to all those who may be Domino-ed out by this image of Sara Ruffin Costello's living room, but I discovered it again recently when choosing paint colours for the interior of our home.

I love the colours and am using this room as inspiration for our guest room. It is a loose interpretation and I am still waiting for the yellow fabric to arrive to upholster some chairs, so I'm a wee way off completion. Sooooo, in the meantime I stare at this pic and haven't tired of it yet.

In sourcing these pics, I found a guest post by Anne Harwell of Annechovie on the We Love Domino site. I love Anne's work a very lot! Look at her painting of the Costello living room:

Gorgeous or what?!

On a side note, the painting continues at The Ivy House (aka chez Loveridge). The interior was completed while we were away - how good is that!!! - and now the trim on our brick house is being dealt to. There are two men scraping old ivy vines off the woodwork prior to currently outside the downstairs loo, one outside the upstairs loo. We only have 2 bathrooms....

I'm off out x.

Images via We Love Domino.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have been eyeing up these boots for some time. It is so cold that they were just calling to me this morning. "Perfect with jeans, leggings or a floaty dress with thick tights", they said.

Boden currently has 20% off women's footwear and accessories, which means their summer sale must be starting any day now! I am not willing to let these darlings go so have booked their flight to NZ today.

I am really hoping the husband is not reading this....

In case you want to pop over to the Boden website and check out the shoe "sale", I thought I'd mention that I bought these a little while ago and they are fab-u-lous!

Happy browsing/shopping x.

All images via Boden UK.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fijian Light

I am back home from a truly lovely holiday. It was wonderful being with Pete and the girls, with little more to do than eat and swim. Fiji is a beautiful place and the people so kind and friendly.

One of my favourite things was watching the sunset possibly because it coincided with Happy Hour, along with the use of light in the resort. I thought I'd share some pics with you, minus the Mai Tai...

The girls were spoiled rotten by the lovely Activities Crew, disappearing each evening as the Warrior fire lighters!

I love these lights in the main restaurant, just hanging like droplets.

The photos don't do the lights justice I'm sorry - they were so pretty twinkling in the pools surrounding the restaurant.

Our last evening gave us this beautiful sunset:

It's always nice to be home, but I am jolly cold! Brrrrrr....Annie x.