Monday, May 16, 2011

Spirit of Summer Fair

Cheeky Gnome Candles by Pinks & Green

It's Monday, it's cold and I had the 'flu over the weekend, so these gnomes just made me giggle. I am seldom sick and I would have to say, I didn't much like it! Then the husband got it, albeit the male strain...seems to hit them worse doesn't it?  Only upside is, my winter leggings are looking much sleeker today!

Last week saw the UK House & Garden Spirit of Summer Fair at London's Olympia. After the cold wind that has blown through Auckland today, all these sunny scenes seem perfect for a happy Monday.

Bird Throw by Indigo & Rose

Deckchair by Garden Trading

Glass Lights by Roast Designs

Giant Cushions by Runaway Coast

Honey Suckle Pink Throw Collection by Roothies

Neon Kitchenware by Pinks & Green

Multi Coloured Butterfly Print by Cissy Cook Designs

And I had better be hiding this from Lily who LOVES elephants:

Bed Linen from Runaway Coast

And to undo the 'flu diet, look at these lovelies x.

All images via Spirit of Summer Fair.


  1. I can't believe that dishwasher!
    Yellow makes me so happy!!!!!

  2. Isn't it fab?! The more I work in design, the more I love yellow and how uplifting it is x.