Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look What Arrived In The Post Today...

Yes, okay, it's getting cooler, but I know that NEXT summer, I will NEED these sandals, so it's really very sensible of me...right? The yellow belt will be getting an airing well before then...possibly this afternoon.

I love the way Boden provide these gorgeous green bags with PINK trim. So pretty.

And to keep the peace, these shirts arrived from Charles Tyrwhitt this morning too. For Pete. Not me.

Some cufflinks - how many pairs of these things do men can only wear one pair at a time? Mmmmm, I'm starting to understand the male confusion about women's shoes...coats in my case. I cannot walk away from a nice coat.

Right, I think I need to get up and back away from all online shopping sites.

All images my own.


  1. Back away from the computer!

    I do like those cuff links though.....

  2. Loving the yellow sandals...they were a must!!