Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am constantly inspired by what I see on the blogs I follow, or land on. There are so many beautiful things out there. I was captivated by this pic posted on Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful Things last Monday, here.

We are heading off on holiday soon - yippee...10 days of sun and the beds being made for me - and taking the opportunity to have the interior of our house painted while we're away. I am choosing my standard 'off white' throughout, as it simply works for us. There will hopefully be some grasscloth appearing on a dining room wall, but that's about as adventurous as it gets!

Our entrance is more 'walk through' than proper 'foyer' and I want to change that. The front of the house faces south and the entrance is therefore dark, opening up to the light filled, north facing open living areas at the back. Inspired by Anna's table and Rita Konig's entrance at the Manhattan House apartments I wrote about here, I have found the solution.

I'm going to accept that the area is dark and paint the surrounding walls the green Rita used, Farrow and Ball Arsenic. F&B is not sold in NZ (grrrr) so I will ask the team at our local Resene shop to mix it for me as there is no perfect match in their range. Anna's lamp is covered in China Seas Java Java - one of my all time fave geometrics - so I will have our existing lamp shade recovered.

Here are a few pics of the current state of our entrance way. I apologise for the mess...Michael the plasterer started this week and there seems to be a lot of 'maintenance' going on! Everything has been piled on the drawers and I've just left it as is...

So through the front door into this:

...and this:

The door/wall behind the drawers is the girls' "secret door" down to their bedrooms and playroom. It is a pivot door and their most beloved part of the house!

Behind the door (below) is the guest bedroom, where the majority of the plastering is going on...I can't possibly share this with you right now!

One from the hallway back to the front door...ooooh, it looks so dull now I see it in photo form.

So the plan is to frighten the painter with my colour choice - I see some "tsk tsks" and "are you sure" coming my way - and wrap it from where the little Nepalese dog guards the door, back around to the RHS corner of the drawers.

I hope you like it and don't agree with my painter!

I'll post pics when it's all done...and I'm holiday refreshed. Happy Weekend x.

Image 1 via Absolutely Beautiful Things; 2 & 3 via Apartment Therapy; all others my own.


  1. Annie I love the door to the guest room with the 3 panels ~ it's lovely. And the gold framed mirror is to die for. I agree, if an area is dark I will often say "go with it, love it for what it is and make it even moodier and more glamorous" so agree with painting it a colour other than white. And grasscloth is wonderful ~ it is going into several of my projects as we speak. In fact, 3 rolls are sitting behind me, wating to go into a fabulous project this week.

    I am looking forward to seeing the images of the finished version when you return. Way to go, while you are on holidays!

    Virginia x

  2. Thanks Virginia. I picked up the mirror frame at an auction in London, repainted it myself then had the mirror put in to be told that I had painted over gold leaf. Gulp! Was told I "could have done better". Felt like I was back at school being asked to see the teacher!