Thursday, May 19, 2011

I think I could live here...

I wouldn't achieve much, but I would enjoy the view!

I drive past this house most days, on my dodgy shortcut home through the nice streets, and have always thought it looked...well...nice. Well, yeah kinda right?!

It's still in our school zone, tick. The view allows me to wave Pete in on the boat we would have if we could also afford this house! Tick.

Impressive promenade to one's own pool, tick.

Note to self, may need (also imaginary) nanny to supervise children in pool if I am in the kitchen. Oooh, a flaw which must surely knock a bit off the price.

Good 'indoor/outdoor flow', tick.

Although this photo doesn't show it well, that grand piano is glossy white. FAB!

I am going to assume one can still see the view over that railing, while having breakfast in bed, tick.

Somewhere for me to while away the school days where I sit and wait for the children to come home, tick.

No, not really. I have just seen the price guide of $4.54m and I won't be showing you any pics of our new home anytime soon, ha ha!

Actually, I just like the idea of lounging anywhere and waiting for the girls to come home!

Images all via Bayleys Real Estate.


  1. Hi Annie
    I am trying to send you an email but it is bouncing back. Could you please contact me on
    Thank you Viera

  2. I am questioning why you would be in the kitchen if you could afford that house!!

  3. You're right Bec...that would be the maid, and personal chef! Oh, how fab life would be!

  4. gorgeous