Friday, May 6, 2011

Horse Mad

I saw on the House to Home site yesterday this article featuring UK company, Anorak and it led me to this bedding set.

My 8 year old is totally, absolutely positively horse mad. She has been to horse riding lessons in the last few school holidays, and now speaks a whole new language that I do not understand...yep, I see my future and it involves tight breeches. Not on me, thank goodness.

I think this is something she would love and meets with my approval! It's finding that balance of what you want to see and what they really want isn't it...Barbie duvet sets anyone??? Shudder.

Could be confusing however, as there is also a Kissing Rabbits range (and it's ORANGE)...

If you're looking for a more discreet option, they also have these designs in sleeping bags.

Have vowed to rein in (ha ha  - excuse the pun), my internet shopping addiction hobby, but Christmas perhaps???

On another note entirely, I just had to post this beautiful pic from Kellie Collis' blog (and online boutique) Ada and Darcy:

Isn't it fab? Kellie had the old dark timber chair painted, mended and reupholstered and I think it is just so darned pretty. Read the full story here.

I love seeing old pieces revived in this way. I know that I couldn't find anything new like that here in the Auckland shops and even more, there is something so real and good about saving an old piece of furniture, and all it's history, and bringing it back to life. There's just an integrity to reinventing furniture that you cannot buy in new.

Thanks for sharing this Kellie - I feel really inspired to go out and create!

Happy weekend x.

All images via Anorak except 4 via Ada and Darcy.

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