Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Ready...

...to head off on holiday...tomorrow...morning...early...and lots to be done. This is leading to some very quick decision making, and I kinda like it!

So...while I was placing some fabric orders a little while back, I discovered that Quadrille's Kazak is available in a linen cotton mix, as well as the silk option on the website. I also discovered that it was in stock, and before I knew it, it was ordered, FedExed and in my hands. Please see exhibit 1, above.

Mmmmm, now what to do with it...

So I bought this chair a little while back:

and I wrote about it here, how I was intent on covering it in this:

Quadrille's Paradise Background in Raspberry. Well, that was the plan, but that wasn't in stock was it? Patience, I have little, and then I remembered this lovely image, from the apartment of James Andrew of 'What Is James Wearing?':

So, the chair has been delivered to my upholsterer with the Kazak. I want to retain the pleats on the back of the chair and, to be quite honest, I'm not sure how this fabric is going to carry it...but I'll share with you soon. Unless it looks rubbish and I am too embarrassed. I figure that the best decisions tend to be the ones that aren't over-thought. Some of the biggest mistakes are too I suppose...

So much for my words on my post when I lauded the choice of my fabric, and how this chair was definitely going 'pink'.

There will be other chairs to take the pink - the Paradise Background is on order!

Images: 1 my own; 2 vendor's photo; 3 via Designer's Attic; 4 via NYSD

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