Tuesday, May 10, 2011

China Seas in San Francisco

I love the crispness of China Seas' Edo wallpaper in this San Francisco bathroom by Julie Massucco Kleiner of Massucco Warner Miller.

Julie has used another China Seas favourite of mine, Java Java (in New Shrimp), in the living room of the same home on this chair,

and these stools under the console. I promise they are in the Java Java...I need that i-pad pull out function...

Ah ha, here's a closer shot of the Java Java on the stools, and check out Winnie the Labradoodle, looking very comfortable!

I love seeing the Quadrille Fabrics being used so beautifully, and MWM do it so well. Whether it's Quadrille, China Seas or Alan Campbell - they're all gorgeous -  what I love is that they're vibrant and happy, not stuffy. Most of all, I love seeing them in family homes, being lived in well.

These are fabrics that make you smile when you walk into a room, yet also invite you to sit on them, relax. What's good design in a family home if you can't enjoy how it looks as well as how it functions?

All images via Traditional Home.

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  1. The wallpaper is gorgeous, but what is that fabulous finish on the vanity doors? Loving it, whatever it is!

    And certainly agree with your functional comment ~ the cornerstone of successful design I reckon!