Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Forgotten Treasure

Of the wardrobe variety this time. I saw this beautiful pic (below) on Louise Bell's Table Tonic blog this morning; it's Georgie McCourt at the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, and it had me NEEDING that cardigan.

Which got me thinking...I used to have a similar cardigan....years ago. Which made me think again...I am such a hoarder, that it is likely to be lurking in the depths of my wardrobe...somewhere.

Sure enough, under a blazer (seldom worn) and over a gorgeous Morrissey silk top (frayed at the back but maybe I could wear it one day with a little shrug...), there it was, my Jigsaw cardigan. Okay, not the same colour but it's the pink lining and trim that got me the first time around and I still love it.

I bought this in London when I was pregnant with my first baby (now 8, ummm...), believing that a whole new wardrobe was required. I also bought it in a size L, to accommodate the 6 pound 15 baby (???), so it is rather too big and the sleeves reach my fingertips floats beautifully.

Ahhh, like the feeling of meeting up with an old friend. Jigsaw cardigan, I am so happy to see you x.

Images 1 & 3 my own; 2 via Table Tonic.

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