Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Story of the Free Coffee

You know I can't avoid putting up a pretty pic of a good looking coffee! I love coffee. I love the smell, the way it looks, the taste, the creaminess of a good caffe latte, the way it makes me feel. Life would be very dull without coffee....I would be very dull without coffee...

Anyway, that's not the point of my little story...

I got up early yesterday morning and went to the gym...I know, Monday morning...how good is that?! On my way home (in the car - ha ha), I see that my warrant of fitness is due this week. Argh! I had totally forgotten and I know you normally need to book in advance to get a warrant check.

So, I call my local man at Cartune Ponsonby. "No problem," I'm told. "Bring it in this morning and we can look at it while you wait." Fantastic.

I get there and am given a voucher for a free coffee at Salta Espresso in Ponsonby. Salta is a lovely cafe, lookie:

I leave the car at Cartune, pick up a magazine, have a perfect coffee at Salta and am called to say if I am happy to replace a bulb for $7.50, my warrant is done.  Yippee!

What a lovely way to get a boring old Warrant of Fitness. Thank you Cartune...shame I have to wait 6 months for the next warrant!

And that is the (very long) story of the free coffee x.

Images of Salta Espresso via Snippets of Everything.

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