Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well, here I go again, rambling...thinking I'd share some of the things I've come across today. This was around the corner from home at Cox's Bay at 8.10 this morning (yes my friends, 8.10 IN THE MORNING):

Isn't it just beautiful? The mornings are getting cooler, but I thought the bay looked so pretty and serene.

Lily's favourite thing is elephants, so we had to drive back home past 'The Elephant House':

You have no idea how much joy is to be had by a 6 year old who loves elephants, to see that!

I gritted my teeth put on my Nigella hat and made chocolate Easter lollipops with the girls yesterday. I can be somewhat controlling, apparently, but I left them to their own devices as much as I could, and this is what they made:

Aren't they cute?

We have a 4 day holiday here and I am looking forward to potting some plants I bought a fortnight ago and relaxing at home. Just in time, this arrived in the post today:

Mmmm, am thinking I need a better camera, but I am feeling too calm to undo it all with an encounter with 'The Scanner' (grrrr). I've already spotted some Quadrille fabrics in there, and if I knew how to draw fancy arrows I would, but... right and bottom left (above), and...

...middle left (above). Oh dear...

I love this front door,

there's a piece on Rifat Ozbek's new cushion boutique, Yastik (Turkish for 'cushion' and it looks AMAZING),

and Kit Kemp, of the Firmdale Hotel Group has scooped the 'Interior Designer' award in the Homes and Gardens Designer Awards 2011. I couldn't agree more - this woman is so talented.

And finally, this arrived in the post also:

Our old Sky remote was getting stuck and not behaving. What does it say that, as a family, we have worn out a remote control? Oh well, at least now we'll be all sorted to watch the re runs of Forest Gump (yes, really) and Gallipoli that I see Television New Zealand has in store for us!

Have a very Happy Easter. Eat, drink, have fun and relax. Be good with friends and family. Annie x.

All images my own (including those of Homes and Gardens (UK) May 2011)

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