Monday, April 18, 2011


'Pavlova' was a big thing this was an attack of the treadmill and a yoga class! Life is all about balance I say...

We were out both Friday and Sunday evenings at friends' homes for dinner and I took a pavlova to both. I know people say that pavlova is difficult to get right, but I am no domestic goddess and I find it being the fool I guess! Unfortunately, I didn't take photos so have borrowed these ones as I think they look just like my creations, which I thought I would share with you as pavlova is such an easy and delicious recipe to have up your sleeve.

I use Nigella Lawson's recipe in my favourite cookbook, How To Eat, which in turn she credits to Australia's Stephanie Alexander. The best tip is, even if the pavlova collapses - or not - turn the cooked pavlova upside down and spread the cream over the flat base. This allows the crunchy meringue to be at the base. So here's Nigella's recipe, and be not afraid - it is soooo easy and will not fail:

I have been making a lot of these recently and I would say I have had the most success by using a fan oven and reducing the heat. I heat to 160 (fan) and then lower to 130 (fan) and leave in the oven for at least a few hours with the oven off; I was finding the pavlova getting too crunchy otherwise. I also do a 6 egg recipe when there's more people to feed and it only needs perhaps another 15 mins cooking time.

Have a go - it is so easy, cannot fail (Eton Mess anyone?) and everyone loves it.  Enjoy x.

Images: 1 & 2 via Young Wifey; 3 recipe via The Year Of Living Gorgeously - scanned from Nigella Lawson's How To Eat (to avoid me having to deal with the scanner, grrr).

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