Thursday, April 7, 2011


You know how people laugh at that chap in Sleeping With The Enemy who was fixated with having all the pantry items facing the same way? Well, he is kinda my hero...apart from the murderous tendencies of course.

Here's a sticky beak at my pantry:

You have no idea how calm I feel when I see that order. Okay, scary, I you can imagine my delight when I spotted these two articles on Canadian site, Style At Home this morning: How To: Create Order In The House (I wish...) and Organizing 101: Linen Closets, complete with this temple of calm:

While I'm giving away my tidy little secrets, can I add that one of my favourite moments of living in Greenville, SC, was seeing Martha Stewart on the telly showing viewers how one should fold bath towels properly. Squeal!

Now all that calm and order...that's got to be a good thing x.

Image 1 & 3 via Style at Home; image 2 proudly my own!

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