Monday, April 11, 2011

Manhattan House

One of my favourite designers for what I consider to be 'practical design' is Rita Konig. She is the daughter of British interior designer, Nina Campbell, and seems to get some flak for it. I personally find her manner so approachable and her work beautiful. In a recent interview with Apartment Therapy, this is how she described her style:

"I am never very good at describing my style, but I would say that I usually use a pretty light palette with blobs of colour, clean lines with a heavy emphasis on comfort and living. I am definitely more interested in how you use a room and enjoy it and what it feels like to be in, than I am in the contrast piping on the couch — although I am more than averagely interested in that!"

Well, she's done a beautiful job throwing around some 'blobs of colour' at Manhattan House, a luxury condo development on the Upper East Side of New York, for which she has transformed a model residence to attract potential buyers.  Lookie...

I am so loving that green (Farrow & Ball's Arsenic) in the entrance hall. It really defines the space and it's quite unexpected.  The yellow Philippe Hurel chair and lilac lamp add more punch to the space.

This image, below, really gets a smile out of me. Just lovely.

Rita had the bookcase built in and it really does add personality and warmth. So many NY apartments are so pristine and 'expensive';  I think Rita has created somewhere to be wholly proud of, yet 'a home' - somewhere to invite friends around, relax and enjoy.

I LOVE the dining chairs - Rita's own from Philippe Hurel. Love the style, the colour, the practicality of them.

I'll leave you with a few more of my favourite pics, but the whole interview (and it really is lovely) is over here, at Apartment Therapy.

I know - isn't that wallpaper fabulous?!

So much to love here.  Hope you liked it too x.

All images via Apartment Therapy.


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  2. I love this look too. I has lots of Eastern elements which blend in well eg lacquer trays, rattan style chairs. Thanks for posting! I think I need a table behind my sofas with trays on it too!

  3. Funny you picked up on the trays...I LOVE them and have been searching NZ for them...nothing! I love the soft colours, they're beautiful and functional. Annie x.