Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Just Smile...

...when I look at this pink bedroom by Meg Braff. It is just! I would never be able to sell that in to the Kiwi husband and it has absolutely no relevance to my post, but it just appeals to me today.

Bad technology day yesterday, hence no post sorry. Apparently we had gone over our internet allowance - huh? It reduced me to 'dial up' speed...oh my goodness, how bad is that?! Is that what it was really like in the day, or has dial up got even worse? Needless to say, my patience (I have none) and dial up were not a good match.

Today, however, is Saturday and all is good. We have real internet. Tick. It is the first day of the school holidays, and after all the beautiful weather we've had, it's tipping down with rain...and you know, it's kinda nice.

We had a lovely meal at a friend's house last night and the girls had a lovely new babysitter. All good, everyone happy. I produced freshly baked croissants and pain au chocolat to the family this morning and was told by Miss 8 that I am the best cook in the world. Thank you Paneton Bakery for your ready to bake pastries.

Pete has taken the girls to the cinema ( holidays, rain) and I have been to new favourite hobby and exercise all rolled into one hour!

Wow, I do ramble don't I? Anyway, my point is that life is good. It's amazing the difference a smile makes.  Have a very happy weekend x.

Images via Meg Braff.

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