Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Days

Adore Home magazine now has a blog...happy, happy days! You just know it's going to be beautiful and look at today's post:

It's a sneaky peak of Anna Spiro's Brisbane shop, Black & Spiro, which will be featuring in Adore Home magazine's next issue. Gorgeous!

Well, it's school holidays here...Arabella has gone horse riding (gulp) so little sister is working the guilt factor beautifully. So, here she is this morning:

She is still in her PJ's because it is only 9.30am. That 'vessel' contains this:

Yes, 9.30 in the morning and already a hot chocolate and 3 marshmallows. Fabulous parenting huh?

So here's my big girls version:

Happy days x.

Image 1 via Adore Home Blog; images 2,3 & 4 my own.

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