Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Ugh, I have to face it...we need new gates. Whenever it rains heavily, and this IS Auckland people and it does rain heavily...ALL winter in fact...our front gate swells and gets stuck. Kinda has its advantages...

Even Squabbles the family dog, can see the problem, although he sees it more as, "how am I supposed to jump up at the courier man if he can't get in?" You see the problem!

So I have been driving around Herne Bay, looking a little dodgy, hanging out the window with my camera, snapping gates that take my fancy...as much as a gate can. Here's a few, and I apologise for doing this on rubbish collection day!

So, off white, wooden gates seem to be the thing. However, I think I have to face the fact that our house is not a Victorian villa but a 1930s bungalow and replacing the cedar originals may be best.

So Alan, the gate man rocked up at 8.30 this morning to quote. Alan knows a lot about gates. An awful lot. I learned that our 'gate', below, is not a gate, it is a 'pathway gate'.

Our 'garage doors', below, are not garage doors (particularly in light of a lack of walls therefore any 'garage'...yeah, okay), but are 'double driveway gates'. Mmmm, 'double' sounds expensive...

Our rendered fence and house frontage had previously both been covered in ivy, which we had stripped back.  Even though it's gone, our neighbours still refer to us as 'The Ivy House'.  It feels wrong somehow that we've removed it, so we think we'll let it grow back. So, bring on The Ivy House!

So, there's the very dull saga that is new gates. I'll keep you posted - ha ha, geddit?!

So, it's goodbye for now from 'The Ivy House' and from Squabbles and his new 'do':

All images my own.


  1. Oh Annie,..what an adorable home you have...but not as adorable as your little pooch Squabbles ..super cute. Good luck in finding something suitable to replace your gates...I know it can be quite expensive...but sometimes its worth really doing your research and even having a chat to your fellow neighbours to see who they went through in getting theirs done. Thanks so much for swinging by and for your lovely comments...very sweet of you x

  2. Thank you Anna. Good idea re the neighbours as I have now just spied some similar gates to what we need at the other end of our street! Love your Etsy store - the Oz Ikat is gorgeous! Annie x.

  3. What a gorgeous home you have! Fantastic raked roofline, windows and that fabulous one-columned porch.

    Quite stunning!

    Hi from a fellow interior designer across the waters, in Melbourne!