Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back from the Easter Holiday

I did it...I potted those plants that were becoming quite accustomed to their plastic containers!

I was inspired by this pic, below, in the April/May issue of Belle Magazine.

It's designed by Peter Fudge Gardens; have a look at his work here as it is beautiful and I love it! It have only just realised now, looking at these pics, that Peter's Dragon Trees sit magnificently raised above the underbed, whereas mine appear to be drowning. Oh well, there's a job to go on next weekend's list...

I was so disappointed with the quality of my photos on last Thursday's post, that I spent Friday morning investigating new cameras and getting totally lost in the world of Picasa. Pete suggested I check the lens, which was totally covered in 6 and 8 year old sticky fingerprints...those 25 odd photos of the dog that I hadn't taken should have alerted me to this earlier! Dumb, dumb, dumb...

Anyway, I did have fun in Picasa getting this clarity...

...out of this (sticky lens) photo:

Amazing difference huh? I am certainly no expert...technology and I are not BFFs. It seems so fiddly uploading to Blogger, so I'm sure I'm not doing it right. I'm guessing I will have to continue my apologies for poor photos. Sorry.

I was also sent an email from Myflatpack, the NZ importers of Ikea as NZ is about the only country in the western world with no Ikea, to say they have a new website, and very fancy it is too. I flicked to the 'Testimonials' page and saw this...

...our living room with the Ikea rug I had blogged about here. I really wish these guys well; they are doing a great job and are lovely to deal with. Check out their new website here.

I thought I'd leave you with a pic of one of my new fave fabrics, Wavelength by Alan Campbell at Quadrille Fabrics.

We have 2 similar chairs at the ends of our dining table and that fabric is looking likely to end up on them. Isn't it just fun?

All images my own, except 3 via Belle Magazine; 4 & 5 photos of Homes and Gardens (UK) May 2011 Issue and 7 via Quadrille Editorials Page.

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