Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Why is coffee just so damned good?  Why, when I read those healthy living plans and they say 'no coffee' do I chuckle and think "not gonna happen...ever?"

Why is the i-Pad that I so scoffed, so fantastic?  Why are there so many cool games on there that the kids love and nag for constantly?  I, of course, am above the games; I just love the functionality it gives to my business (Angry Birds anyone)???

And who said it was fair to launch the i-Pad 2...Thinner, Lighter, Faster?  And who asked for my daughter's permission to help create these?

The i-Pad Smart Cover in pink, orange, green and turquoise, amongst others.  I am so not showing Little Miss 6 these.  The kids already think i-Pads grow on the i-Pad tree in our back garden, to the right of the invisible pool!

Why do certain wines give one a really bad headache even when one has only had a glass...maybe two?  Huh?

Gosh, I sound grouchy but I'm actually having a happy day and hope you are too.  All is good in Design Land.  Just had these things going through my well as that headache.  Happy Days x.

Image 1 via Rate My Rosetta; image 2 via Fast Company; images 3 & 4 Apple.

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