Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oooooh No...

Remember this vase?

The Michael Geertsen for Muuto, Closely Separated Vase that I posted my love for last December.  Well it's on the ACHICA promotions list for today (here)...GBP 59.00 instead of the RRP of GBP 89.00.  Bargain!

Don't you think it's just the universe telling me something?  I was only introduced to ACHICA on Friday and already, my number one 'want' item is glaring at me?  Even Mr Loveridge saw this on my screen last night and said "I like that - it would be great behind the sofa you have been talking about covering yellow for, like ever are getting reupholstered."

I personally hold you, Megan and Katie, wholly responsible for my addiction. That's why I'm using one of your addresses to ship my loot.  Ha ha!

Still love ya though x.

Image via ACHICA.

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