Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday Night

Flicker Candle Emporium's Chef's Candle

Monday night is fish night in the Loveridge household (well, that's the plan, not always the reality).  There is something nice about a light, healthy meal after  a weekend of wearing a nosebag overindulging.  Whenever the plan works out, this little gem makes all that pan frying smog disappear.

The aroma of this candle is addictive....it is so uplifting.  It is so light and pure and also happens to do what it says on the packet ("eliminate unwanted cooking odours").

It is manufactured here in Tauranga, New Zealand, by some lovely friends of mine, Nicola and Steven Farrant of Candles of New Zealand.  Look at this for a beautiful family:

Aren't they gorgeous?! Steven and Nicola with their two (sweetest little) boys, Oliver and Hugo.

Nicola and Steven produce some fabulous candles (via Candles of NZ) and sell to the public online via the Flicker Candle Emporium.

Flicker currently has a fabulous promotion where Candles of NZ has designed a Remembrance Candle which "celebrates life".  $8.00 of each sale is being donated to the NZ Red Cross in support of their work during the recent Christchurch earthquake.

As Flicker says "let the light live on".  Lovely people doing good; always nice to see isn't it?


  1. Thanks so much Annie for the mention - we're very touched. Glad you love your Chef's Candle too. I know you're a bit of a fan of orange at the moment so you'll have to check out our bright orange chunky pillars. Perfect for adding some colour and a gorgeous fragrance. Nx

  2. Nicki - thank you re orange tip off! I need to get some more Chef's Candles so will have a look. Thanks for your comment x.