Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Arabella

My beautiful baby is 8 today!

I am going to sound awful, but I would have to say I found the preschool years so hard and tiring - the first 5 years felt like 15 - but now the years are running away on me.  I know everyone says it, but I can't believe my little baby is 8.

Arabella rocked into this world upside down, bottom first and has done things her own way ever since.

Arabella (2 hours old) with Dad

She loves bunny:

'Bunny Rock' at the Grandparents' farm

dressing up :

Off to Ruby's Snow Party (snowman, right?!)

Am pretty certain this was not a dress up party!

Not impressed at mum's attempt at Princess Leia

and her little sister:

Yes, they do have the same father!

So happy birthday my darling girl, from Mummy, Daddy and Lily.  We love the fact you stuck to your guns wanting the blue bike (not the white that Dad and I preferred)!  Be you my darling Boo, because you're lovely.

Happy Weekend x.

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