Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Roses...

...or so that seems to be the case over at my favourite money pit online clothing shop, Boden.  My girls have lived in their Boden swimsuits from last year and LOVE them.  They are pretty and comfortable so I thought I'd have a look for this year.  I did get somewhat sidetracked onto things for ME though and there seems to be a lotta floral going on.

Rainyday Duffle in Flamingo Peony

Petal Collar Jacket in Ruby

Rose petals, to be sure!

Silk Dandelion Dress in Pimento

Okay, so dandelion is not quite rose, but it's a pretty floral dress and the model is holding this fab clutch:

Petal Clutch in Sweet Pea

Think this peony bag is so pretty and it just makes me wanna smile:

Peony Book Bag in Red

So eventually, I made it to things suitable for the Little Loveridges, and I found some beautiful rose dresses:

Vintage Dress in Pink Vintage Rose

Vest Dress in Pale Blue Vintage Rose

I am assuming this is not what's meant by "stopping to smell the roses", but it's very enjoyable all the same!

PS - have realised that my 7 year old would never wear one of those pretty dresses.  She is horse mad and would fall over herself for this:

Rouge/Pony Stripy Applique Dress

All images via Boden website.

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