Monday, March 7, 2011

Clove Hall

Clove Hall Central Foyer

Years ago, Peter and I stayed in Penang, a Malaysian island renowned for its food (hence our visit)!  Do I ever wish Clove Hall had been open then!  At the time, Penang was populated with generic hotels, scattered along the beach, mainly catering to cheap beach holidays.

The Feb/Mar issue of Belle Magazine has a lovely article on Australian expats "helping to preserve a rich cultural heritage" in George Town, Penang.  This is where I spied the "derelict wreck" Chris Ong has restored into a magnificent six suite boutique hotel.  Chris had worked as an investment banker in Sydney before returning home to Penang, and was inspired by his great-grandfather's house, further along the same street.  I think the result is just beautiful.

I love the burst of colour in an otherwise serene setting:

The suites are all spice inspired; Clove Hall is built on the original Sarkie Brothers coconut plantation known as Clove Hall:

The Clove Suite

The Ginger Suite

The Cinnamon Suite

The Saffron Suite

The Cardamom Suite

The Star Anise Suite

George Town is a frenetic, busy town, which makes the calm of Clove Hall all the more beautiful.  To return here...

...take tea here...

...have a dip here...

...would be really, very nice.

All images via Clove Hall website.

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