Friday, March 18, 2011


Orla Kiely Storage Boxes

My lovely friend in London, Megan, has just sent me a link to ACHICA, 'the members only luxury lifestyle store' based in the UK.  Don't be scared, with an email address and password, I am now a member without having to sell any children.

Megan warned me that our other friend, Katie (we have all known each other since we were 10...isn't that cute?), has become quite an addict.  She also informed me not to get too attached as they don't send to New Zealand. Ha ha, Meges....I've got your London address though haven't I sweetie???

ACHICA is an online homewares store where 'members can indulge in an array of private sales, each open for just a short while.'  There is a different set of promotions each day, with members being advised by email in advance of what will be appearing soon.

There is also a fantastic blog called ACHICA Living, from which I've taken some pics that caught my eye:

Osborne & Little Laguna Wallpaper

Jan Constantine Royal Wedding Cushion

Grand Designs Live 2011

Ooooh, I do love Kevin McCloud, so here's another pic, just for me...

Lovely...but back to business...

Floral Trends

The Sunday Times' Pip McCormac has written about florals and Marks and Spencer Home's new range including this multi crochet flower cushion:

So many lovely things and I see that the promotions list on Monday includes Nina Campbell and one of my big faves, Muuto.

I am Annie Loveridge, and I think I, too, am an ACHICAholic.

Happy Weekend x.

All images via ACHICA Living.

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