Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wellington House - Bedrooms

I thought I would finish the tour of the Mount Victoria 2007 renovation with the bedrooms.  This should have been a simple exercise of posting some photos but it has hit me that the girls' bedrooms that were perfect for the 3 and 4 year olds they housed, look much the same now they're 6 and 7 (only messier)!  Mmmmm, my name is Annie Loveridge and I am a hoarder. There, I've said it!

I do not think I have shed one single item of kids' paraphernalia we have accumulated over almost 8 years, 5 countries and 6 houses.  I am starting to understand why the weekend's "little renovator" held no appeal!

The house had 5 bedrooms - master and guest room upstairs and the girls' bedrooms and a further guest room/study downstairs.  So here are the girls' rooms (warning: pink overload ahead)!

Arabella's Room (age 4)

Lily's Room (age 3)

As if there's not enough clutter toys in their bedrooms, their play area spilled out to a combined living and playroom which in turn opened out to the garden:

From French doors looking into the living/playroom

From living room looking out to the garden

Playroom looking out to the garden

There was a 3rd bedroom downstairs which we used as a guest room and study:

There were 2 bedrooms upstairs, both with lovely front bay windows (not shown); the master bedroom:

and guest room (with very classy under bed storage I see)!

So I am now armed with those click top plastic storage boxes ready to intrude the girls' bedrooms.  I have huge plans to clear all the "baby stuff" and donate, but have a feeling it may simply transfer from their rooms to under the house in those storage boxes!  Will keep you posted.....must be strong....

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