Friday, February 4, 2011

Thank You Mr Courier Man...

...for my delivery from Boden this morning.  It may be sweltering humidity right now, but it doesn't halt my excitement at my new winter clothes from Boden (UK)...courtesy NZ customs, grrrr.  Grouchiness at customs' efficiency in detecting I had gone 4 pounds (no sterling squiggle on my NZ laptop sorry) over the import free limit was alleviated by this:

Boden Tunic, Winter 10/11

which will team nicely with this:

Boden Cardigan, Winter 10/11

As if that wasn't enough colour, look at the cover of the latest Spring 2011 catalogue:

Fabulous!  Here's a few of the items I have already spotted within:

Boden send to NZ and Australia for 12 pounds, and if you don't meet the customs man, I think it's pretty reasonable.  In my experience, I have never been charged duty in Australia but do about half the time in NZ.

I am certainly not wishing this warm weather away as I sadly quite like the humidity, but I am wondering when I can wear those new clothes!  Happy Weekend x.