Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Because...

...this is such a pretty picture:

I have a client looking to use this fabric, Quadrille's China Seas Lyford Background in Magenta, and what better advertisement than this chair?  The white piping highlights the design and looks crisp.

The chair is by Sarah Richardson of all those "Sarah's House" renovations. She has a great website so do have a look.

I have a gorgeous wing back chair bought in Greenville, South Carolina when we lived there.  I had it covered when I bought it by a wonderful man called Arnold, who sewed tyres in the Michelin factory, as did his father.  It is in a lovely, but plain taupe (very Kelly Hoppen 1999) and Sarah's chair has me inspired.  I just feel too sentimental to undo the work of that lovely man who put so much pride into doing such a wonderful job.  I wonder what Arnold is doing now?

Image courtesy of Quadrille website and Sarah Richardson Design.

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  1. Love the chair design too! Do you think Arnold would be happy if you added a magenta cushion to enhance his work!It's lovely to read about someone who puts their heart into their work.