Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Official!

You know a vibrant colour is "red hot" when the Bible of Off-Whites, Farrow and Ball, introduce it to their collection.  So, now it's official, ORANGE is more than whimsy, it's in the Farrow and Ball colour chart, under the disguise of "Charlotte's Locks" in the new 2011 Colour Chart.

Farrow & Ball, Charlotte's Locks

I love orange.  For such a vibrant colour, it is ridiculously neutral and sits well with so many other colours, making it so easy to integrate into your existing scheme.  I am still so in love with Christopher Farr's 36 24 36 in Coral that I used for our Outdoor Room:

Orange is the perfect foil for taupe and I love it with blue (Christopher Farr Ravenna in this case), and here is the inspiration for that scheme, in our dining room:

Davidson Oil - Western Australia

And again in the dining room, floor this time (in amongst a myriad of colours):

Ikea Gedser Rug (available in NZ via MyFlatpack)

And to drag up one of my all time favourite rooms (again), the fabulous ORANGE and green dining room in the Massucco Warner Miller designed San Francisco home:

Quadrille Fabrics have some fabulous prints in orange, these being a few of my favourites:

Quadrille Kazak in Orange & Pale Magenta

Quadrille Paradise Background in Orange

Alan Campbell Petite Zig Zag in Shrimp

Alan Campbell Meloire Reverse in Terracotta

Alan Campbell Saya Gata in Orange

China Seas Lysette Reverse in Orange

China Seas Java Java in New Shrimp

China Seas Martinique Reverse in New Shrimp

China Seas Ziggurat in Orange

...and in Ziggurat Reverse in Orange

China Seas Nairobi in Orange

China Seas Island Ikat in Orange

Isn't orange fabulous?  Now how can your day be dull after all that colour?! Have a happy one x.

Image 1: Farrow and Ball;  Image 5: San Francisco home courtesy MWM; Colour Swatches all courtesy Quadrille Fabrics website; All other images/photos, my own.

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