Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Back!

Yes, sorry for the silence, but I have been totally distracted by this:

Opito Bay, Coromandel, NZ.

and this:

and even drinking my morning coffee while looking at this:

Okay, enough, I know!  There were busy times though, like when we got totally distracted by the dolphins swimming close to shore:

Yes, they were dolphins and not sharks!  Then Lily found a stranded starfish:

cared for it and then returned it to a rockpool.

This is THE most exciting thing for a 6 year old.  So with all the relaxing excitement, I didn't do any of this:

so today have a list as long as my arm of very serious tasks.  Mmmmm, think it may take another day to fully take my mind off this:

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too x.

Images all my own, except for image 7; The Big Why.

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