Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank You

I just felt that a pretty picture was needed today.

My heart goes out to everyone in Christchurch and to all those affected by Tuesday's earthquake.  The sadness is beyond words.

I wanted to post something beautiful, because amidst all the turmoil, there are amazing people doing wonderful things.  Rescue crews have arrived from the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.  Some of these people have already worked so hard in awful circumstances in the recent Queensland floods, as well as earthquake specialists from last year's Haiti earthquake.

Thank you to you all, and your families.  You are amazing.

We have had families arrive in our neighbourhood from Christchurch, either staying with family or in temporary accommodation, kindly offered by friends.  Their children will start at our school on Monday.  It must be so unsettling for them, but the kindness and genuine care we're all seeing and feeling is incredible.  We are the lucky ones and there is a such a strong sense of wanting to help.

It has reminded me that (apart from you lousy Christchurch looters - shame on you), people are good and kind.  Happy weekend x.

Image via Princess Frivolous.

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