Friday, February 11, 2011

The Designer Toilet Roll Company

How could I NOT use that title???  I would have found any excuse to post about this fabulous little discovery!

"The Perfect Package" in Fuschia

I have not been googling strange things, I actually found this in my British Homes & Gardens (March 2011) so it's totally legit!  Natasha Meredith set up The Designer Toilet Roll Company after renovating several homes in London and Surrey and discovering that it was the bathroom she most liked to update, and voila, patterned loo roll!

Now, according to the website, "Simon Cowell loves plain black" - ooooooooooh, what shocking imagery!  The fuschia above is very pretty but I think this green is rather nice:

"The Perfect Package" in Green

and aqua:

"The Perfect Package" in Aqua

The Perfect Package consists of 3 rolls in a "presentation clear cylinder" for 8.45 pounds.  Cool!  The rolls are 4 ply thickness using biodegradable paper with no chemical whitening treatment.  Designs are produced using colourfast vegetable oil based ink.  I'm very glad it's colourfast - ha ha!

Thanks for sharing in my madness happy discovery.  It's got to have you smiling!  Happy Weekend x.

Images all courtesy The Designer Toilet Roll Company.

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