Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thank You Table Tonic and Annechovie

Oh, Saturday morning....trying to get on the laptop while my 6 year old is playing a CBeebies game that involves Spooky Spoon saying "oh, try again" in a very irritating voice!  So now here I turn!

I log onto to my favourite site, Table Tonic by the very clever Louise Bell in Sydney, and see she has listed my blog in her latest "21 Bookworthy Sites". How happy and proud am I???

Louise not only writes the most personable and fun blog but also has an online store sourcing some really fabulous homewares - things we just couldn't get in Australia and NZ....until now.  Yes, she does ship to NZ (and the US, UK, Asia and Canada) and I am wanting needing this yellow Juju Hat (when delicious yellow is back in stock).

Which brings me to say a very belated thank you to the lovely Anne Harwell aka, Annechovie.  I love Anne's artwork and posted about the gorgeous gift cards I bought from her Etsy store.  Well, she featured my site in early January and it was my first ever recognition, so I felt really proud to be mentioned by someone whose work I admire so much.

So, with all this goodwill, I just wanted to finish my ramblings with my story.  A lifetime ago, I was a Business Analyst working in London who took my creative side out on our homes we lived in.  When Pete was posted to Greenville, South Carolina for work, I signed up to the KLC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour for their open learning course.  We then moved back to London and it was back to the City for me!

We then started a family and I found I wanted to be at home with my girls, we moved 100 times, renovating on the way and somehow, time passed.

We moved to Auckland, NZ, in late 2009, and my younger daughter Lily started school....can I say "yippee" without a knock at the door???  I knew I wanted to do something I love but given the chance, suddenly had no idea what that was.  A really scary feeling.

It was my friend Deborah, in Sydney, who is very clever and entrepreneurial, who pointed out that my passion seems to be fabrics.  How could I not have pin pointed that?  She advised me to just start doing one thing I enjoy and that things will lead on from that.  So, I tackled our "outdoor room".

Deborah was right.  Through this I found how difficult it is to source the types of fabrics I see in (overseas) magazines in NZ, especially so for outdoors.  I discovered how unfriendly some of the fabric representatives in Auckland are (sorry, but this was a big push for me).  I discovered a whole new world of blogging and Google Images that had emerged whilst I was doing toddler gym and I was hooked.  I discovered that I too, can write a blog and started just two months ago.  I discovered I could pick up a telephone to overseas suppliers who were polite and efficient and that lead me to discover Quadrille Fabrics, which I adore.  Georgia at Quadrille has put her faith in me and I am now the New Zealand representative for Quadrille Fabrics.  My proudest moment was seeing my name on their Contacts page.

I am now starting out on something I love, that works with my family, and that I believe I can build with the integrity and friendliness that is important to me; I want to be able to bottle the positive energy and camaraderie I have discovered in "Blogland" and capture it in Annie Loveridge Interiors!

I realise this has been an epic post.  Thank you for listening to me!

Thank you Deborah. Thank you Louise.  Thank you Anne.  Your kind words and support mean a lot to me.  Annie x.

Images 1 & 2: Table Tonic Blog and Online Store respectively; Image 3: Annechovie Blog.

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  1. Congratulations, Annie! I am sure you will make a terrific rep for Quadrille. It was fun to hear your story. Thanks so much for you very kind words and keep up the great work. xx